technical solutions for training and simulation centres

CC Simulation is Australia's only audio-visual and information-technology business dedicated to the medical simulation industry. Established in 2008, CC Simulation has seen the devolpement of technology from analogue to digital, wired to wireless, installed to portable while maintaining a focus on usablity and education.

Our services include:

  • Creating new learning evironments, upgrading existing audio-visual systems and integration of new devices.

  • Audio-Visual, Information Technology, Customisation, Servicing and Consulting.

  • Single room, multi-room, in-situ and tutorial rooms.

  • Hospitals, universities, defence and private industry.

CC Simulation specialise in setting up simulated learning environments and teaching spaces. Using industry leading audio-visual technology, understanding information technology requirements, manikin hardware and having the skillset to integrate custom installations, CC Simulation will deliver a first-class solution no matter how large or small the project.

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