Case Studies

Below are examples of work that CC Simulation has conducted.

RPA Hospital - Institute of Academic Surgery

CC Simulation was contracted to provide audio-visual consultation, supply and installation for a new simulation and training laboratory at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. The project included:

  • a multi-purpose simulation lab

  • wet surgical lab for 14 student workstations and 1 presenter workstation

  • 2 micro-surgery stations

  • 2 Tutorial rooms, and

  • 2 meeting rooms

All the rooms can be linked to each another, or externally via video-conferencing, to allow collaborative teaching through out the building. For example, if a teacher was operating with specialty equipment in the surgical wet lab, a larger group of students in the tutorial room could observe and ask questions to the teacher.

RPA Institute of Academic Surgery

HMAS Penguin - Simulated Defence Hospital

CC Simulation was contracted for a third time to expaned the medical training school at HMAS Penguin. This project was to fit out a decommissioned wing of the Navy's hospital and transform it into a multi-room simulation and training centre.

HMAS Penguin decided to use laerdal's Simview package to maintain standidisation with the sites existing three simulation environments. The challenge for CC Simulation was to maintain a similar user interface as the existing simulation labs while expanding the control to five simulation environments across two separate control rooms that can be operated as a single large scale simulation session or multiple independent sessions. Through an understanding of HMAS Penguin's needs, simulation training methods and knowledge of Laerdal's Simview package, CC Simulation delivered a solution that met the Navy's requirements.

CC Simulation had been contracted on two previous occasions by HMAS Penguin. The first occassion was to upgrade the facilities audiovisual system because it was unreliable and not intuitive for the transitional staff to operate. CC Simulation was called back to set up a third simulation lab with Simview and network the first two labs with the third.

Royal North Shore Hospital ICU - In-Situ Simulation

CC Simulation was asked through Royal North Shore Hospital and Laerdal Australia to fit out an intensive care bedspace for simulation training. While primarily used for training, the bedspace is still an active clinical bedspace and needs to be able to be used as such when necessary.

To ensure an efficient installation and a functional solution, in-depth discussions were undertaken between CC Simulation, Laerdal and Royal North Shore Hospitalís engineering and IT departments prior to instillation.

The final product is a simulated training environment that fits within the clinical bedspace. When used for clinical practice the bedspace is operated in the same manner as the other 57 bedspaces in the ICU. For simulation training a tablet is docked at the observation station and training is ready to take place.

Royal North Shore Hospital's ICU In-situ simulation.

CareFlight / MediSim - Award Winning Customisation

CC Simulation was contracted by CareFlight to design an audiovisual system for their MediSim mobile simulation unit.

MediSim was designed as a relocatable simulation lab primarily for rural and remote pre-hospital training. CareFlight also train for extra remote locations and wanted an audio-visual solution that could used for this training also. CC Simulation constructed a portable audio-visual unit that not only integrates with simlab but was also able to be removed and used as stand alone unit.

CareFlight's MediSim mobile simulation laboratory. (Photo: CareFlight)

In 2013 CareFlight won the Simulation Australia Project Innovation Award for their MediSim Trauma Care Workshop. The workshop uses the MediSim mobile simulation laboratory to provide practical, hands-on, high quality, simulation based trauma care training for rescue volunteers in regional, rural, remote and very remote locations across Australia.