To obtain the solution your partners first need to understand the problem. CC Simulation is dedicated to the training and simulation industry, not just boardrooms and lecture theatres. We understand the functionality required to operate a simulated learning environment and the audio-visual options to provide the best solution.

Single Room

Single training rooms offer a clean and simple environment to conduct training. If set up correctly they are a valuable learning space that can be used for a range of tasks and intuitively operated by a range of users. This allows more training to be conducted which leads to greater buy in from your partners and greater support from your organisation.


Having a training centre with multiple training areas allows a range of sessions to be run concurrently or tasks to be expanded beyond the single room environment. Having a partner with the insight and experience in planning your infrastructure is vital to ensuring these area work cohesively.

See RPA's surgical skills training centre or HMAS Penguin's simulation hospital on our case studies page.


Training in a working environment brings about a unique set of logistical challenges. Whether it be time constraints for setup and break down, semi-permanent installations or permanent fixtures that need to work with or in parallel to your day-to-day operations, CC Simulation will work with you to provide a workable solution.

See the in-situ set-up at RNSH on our case studies page.


Needing to integrate a non standard device into your training? Needing a setup that you can't buy? Or, feel that your system needs a tweak? With an engineering background CC Simulation takes pride in developing bespoke solutions.

See Award winning Customisation with CareFlight on our case studies page.